Honolulu Warehouse

Meridian Pacific Sales offers our manufactures local warehousing capabilities.  We have have the ability to offer both Will Call and select shipping on Oahu.  Located near the heart of Industrial Honolulu and near both the HNL airport and the Port of Honolulu, we offer a convenient ability for our distributors to pick up products quickly and deliver them to their customers on time!

Contact us to learn more about the products we have warehoused locally. Or to get more information gaining local inventory for your products in Honolulu.

Meridian Pacific Sales

2112 Lauwiliwili Street

Unit 108-G

Kapolei, HI 96797


Contact Info:

Regional HI Sales: Honolulu, HI   (Joe Consalvo)  Ph:  808-343-4345   Email:  joe.consalvo@icloud.com

Regional HI Sales: Papaikou, HI  (Mike Malsie)  Ph:  808-371-9450  Email:  mkualoa@aol.com

Regional HI Sales: Kaneohe, HI  (Micah Malsie)  Ph:  808-339-0264  Email:  micah@meridianpacificsaleshi.com

To Learn More About Meridian Pacific Sales in CA and the Southwest please visit our partner websites:  


www.meridianpacificsales.com (N. California)

www.meridiansw.com (Southwest)

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